Who is the most annoying MPQ character and why is it Daken?

2021.10.26 09:32 Grex4214 Who is the most annoying MPQ character and why is it Daken?

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2021.10.26 09:32 Lightwalker666 Question about SCP 001

Question to all you scientists, researchers, the council and the MTFs. Is there an SCP 001 proposal that suggests the 05 council themselves are scp 001? I grant you that killing the 05 council is the subj of SCP 001 The Ouroboros Cycle proposal but that isn't what I seek. I seek a proposal that merely says: SCP 001 is the 05s themselves simply because how are you not anamolous yourself when you run an organization that contains anomolies? For instance. Dr Bright(not Jack but his father) has at least 2 anomolies in his genes or his wife does.
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2021.10.26 09:31 PhantomX98 Joycon Controller Compatible with Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite $44.99, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2021.10.26 09:31 Melobyter1 Melobytes AI Generated Image To Sound #shorts

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2021.10.26 09:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - College enrollment notched the largest two-year decline in 50 years, due to Covid | NBC

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2021.10.26 09:31 ContentForager Enjoy your day as much as corgis playing tetherball (/r/corgi)

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2021.10.26 09:31 FJMailMan To the people who play infected

If you decided to play some infected why do you leave as soon as someone turns you?
I’ve seen so many people leave the game cause they got infected and I’m thinking why are you even playing this game mode
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2021.10.26 09:31 luisthelastfromfirst Does lgd4 have no taste?

Basically each of my lgd4 capsule had 10mg of lgd and I broke it to check if it was legit and I mixed the powder in a spoon and swallowed it, I have taken creatine before and it taste so fucking bad. Does lgd4 have no taste?
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2021.10.26 09:31 susam cal 9 1752

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2021.10.26 09:31 Traditional-Kiwi1033 A List of Essentials?

I'm doing a little vacation time, 3 months worth of it. Where I'm going there's no shops or malls. It's a cabin in the woods. So I have to buy food before I leave.
What ingredients(items) would you stock up on that would enable you not to get hungry and come up with a variety of dishes to make for the next three months?
Any tips, recipes and ideas will be so valuable! Thanks for reading.
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2021.10.26 09:31 DrShail Top 100 Indian Movies of All Time - Ship of Theseus

Top 100 Indian Movies of All Time - Ship of Theseus What is a great movie? Is it one which earns bundles of moolah or tons of awards? Is it one which entertains us or one which makes us think? The definition of a great movie is different for every person. Some like action, some love the scary ones, others go gaga over romantic tales and many enjoy dramas. For me a great movie is one which tickles my emotions, stimulates my imagination and makes me think about it after the movie end. It could be its great dialogues, its funny situations, its great action sequences, its visceral emotions, its beautiful visuals, its spectacular performances or its head scratching premise. Great films stay fresh, entertaining and thought provoking even after the passage of time. Ship of Theseus is perhaps one of the most thought provoking pieces of cinema that I have come across in India. It delivers multiple spine tingling visceral chills which will leave a long lasting impression on its viewer’s soul. This movie does not attempt to entertain its viewers but tries to provide insights about life. It attempts to explore the true meaning of life with a lot of questions and gives no direct answers. Its greatest achievement is leaving its audience with the same curiosity about life as its creator. Ship of Theseus is an extraordinary philosophical masterpiece with exceptional performances that everyone should watch but not everyone can watch. Shekhar Kapur called the movie brilliant, Arundhati Roy found it to be profound and fearless, Shyam Benegal deemed it hugely entertaining and stimulating, Anurag Kashyap felt the movie it put all other film makers to shame and Dibakar Banerjee started doubting himself as a filmmaker after watching the movie.
Ship of Theseus (2012) Directed by Anand Gandhi Produced by Sohum Shah Starring - Aida Al-Kashef, Neeraj Kabi and Sohum Shah Written by Anand Gandhi Music by Benedict Taylor Budget/Box Office - INR 1.2 Crore/INR 50 Lac Awards - 2 National Film Awards for Best Picture and Supporting Actress, Winner at BFI London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Munich, Toronto and Transylvania Film Festivals IMDB Rating - 8.1/10 Rotten Tomatoes Rating - 100% My Rating - 10/10
The movie begins with the Theseus Paradox "If parts of an object are replaced with similar parts, does it remain the same?” and then it explores this concept from a psychological, ideological and physical perspective in the movie. Ship of Theseus tells three stories about three characters who either need or had an organ transplant. The movie begins with the story of a blind photographer in Mumbai awaiting an eye transplant and it shows how gaining her eyesight results in her struggle with her talent. The second story follows a monk who is fighting against the cruel treatment of animals by big Pharma companies before he realizes that he needs a liver transplant in order to survive which would require him to take medicines from the same Pharma companies that he is against. The third story is of a young money minded stock broker who gets a kidney transplant right before he discovers an organ trafficking racket which has stolen a poor man’s Kidney. Sharing anything beyond these few words about the movie’s storyline especially its exquisite psychological conclusion will ruin the movie for anyone who hasn’t experienced it yet. The movie brilliantly explores these 3 individual’s take on life and death.
Anand Gandhi started writing the story when he was nursing his grandparents in a hospital and started thinking about life and death. His cinematographer suggested the storyline about a blind photographer. When Anand was auditioning for the role of the blind photographer, his Egyptian casting assistant Aida was helping the actors with their lines. That's when Gandhi clearly visualized Aida as his blind photographer and wrote in her Arabic ethnicity into the script. For the role of the monk, Gandhi hired an experienced theater actor named Neeraj Kabi in his first movie role. Kabi did a “Tom Hanks” and shed more than 17 Kgs for a realistic portrayal of the character’s deteriorating health. Kabi couldn’t work on any other project during the period of his transformation for the movie. His brilliant performance is among the best work of art by any actor in Indian movie history. Kabi went onto become a very recognizable face in Indian movies and series with great performances in Talvar, Hichki, Sherni, Sacred Games and Paatal Lok. Sohum Shah got selected for the role of the stock broker in the third story. Sohum was so enthralled by the movie that he decided to produce the movie and then took his learnings from “Ship" to another production masterpiece “Tumbaad”.
Gandhi shot the movie using a Canon EOS camera and got amazing results. His picturization of Kabi’s frail character as he oscillates between life and death is perhaps the most realistic depiction of a human being’s last breaths. That scene alone deserves all the accolades the movie received from across the globe. We have seen the slums of Mumbai in many many movies but “Ship” actually brings you into the slums and truly feel it. The movie’s slow pace gradually creeps in to evoke extremely raw visceral emotions that continue tingling in the audience’s tummy long after the movie is over.
Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao championed “Ship of Theseus” to the production house and was instrumental in getting it the film festival screenings, acclaim and recognition. She lent her name as presenter of the movie and not her superstar husband because she felt that Aamir’s name would have definitely attracted a bigger crowd, but a crowd which would have not been prepared and appreciative of such type of cinema. The movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and received reviews like “One of the most significant movie to ever come out of India”. The Critics Circle UK included “Ship of Theseus” in a list of 15 movies that changed their life along with “The 400 blows”, "Raging Bull” and “Annie Hall”. It won best film awards across the globe at several international film festivals and also at the National Film Awards. In a truly unique and creative move, Gandhi released the entire footage of the movie on an online platform for fans to use to create their own version of the movie. Extremely creative, insightful and thought provoking. 10/10.
Links to the reviews of my Top 100 Indian Movies of all Time (Not in any order)
1. Pather Panchali
2. Mother India
3. Pushpaka Vimana
4. Sparsh
5. Agneepath
6. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
7. Anand
8. Lagaan: Once upon a time in India
9. Tumbbad
10. Haqeeqat
11. Sholay
12. Andaz Apna Apna
13. Moondram Pirai
14. Madhumati
15. Maqbool
16. C/o Kacharapalem
17. Guide
18. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
19. Aandhi
20. Kireedam
21. Pyaasa
22. Chupke Chupke
23. Nayak: The Hero
24. Ardh Satya
25. Masoom
26. The Lunchbox
27. Naya Daur
28. Gangs of Wasseypur
29. Mera Naam Joker
30. Nayakan
31. Mughal-E-Azam
32. Do Bigha Zamin
33. Satya
34. Roja
35. Koshish
36. Garm Hava
37. Do Aankhen Barah Haath
38. Devdas
39. Jewel Thief
40. Saaransh
41. Queen
42. Gol Maal
43. Mahanagar
44. Manichitrathazhu
45. Barsaat
46. Kaamyaab
47. Taare Zameen Par
48. Swades
49. Udaan
50. Kaagaz Ke Phool
51. Bombay
52. Chashme Buddoor
53. Munnabhai M.B.B.S.
54. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
55. Jagte Raho
56. Deewaar
57. Ankur: The Seedling
58. Monsoon Wedding
59. Pariyerum Perumal
60. A Wednesday!
61. Black Friday
62. Abhimaan
63. Piku
64. Anbe Sivam
65. Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam
66. Agantuk
67. Khosla Ka Ghosla
68. Shree 420
69. Kadvi Hawa
70. Satyakam
71. Rang De Basanti
72. Damini
73. Angoor
74. Chak De India
75. Drishyam
76. Sujata
77. Arth
78. Mausam
79. Court
80. Don
81. Charulata
82. Salaam Bombay!
83. Boot Polish
84. Amar Prem
85. Zanjeer
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2021.10.26 09:31 Neurovie Thanks I hate Sand Spider

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2021.10.26 09:31 creator_cr also finished my aluminium factory

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2021.10.26 09:31 PowerfoldZero Give me suggestions to what to add to my builds deck

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2021.10.26 09:31 shyanopen Married couple wanting to experience our sex life with others! Any one curious to see our content ? (Free )

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2021.10.26 09:31 mxlieeee In search of items!

hello everyone. i’ve recently began updating my home and i’m currently working on my bathroom and bedroom. i desperately need a toilet, shower and/or bathtub but i can’t seem to find any 😅 also for my bedroom i’ve decided to use the cute set and so far i’ve already got the bed and diy table. i have spent so much time looking for all of these items but they just aren’t coming around for me. if anyone has spares for any of these items and is willing to give them to me that would be great! i could give some bells if you’d like as well :)
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2021.10.26 09:31 EmanuelTheodorus Which season had overall the worst teams on both sides?

It's honestly pretty arguable between 8 or 10, but for me, I think Season 10 had overall the worst blue team and the red team. The blue team in Season 10 only won ONE service against the red team. But the red team's overall toxicity doesn't help much and their skills aren't too far off either. Hell there is one time where BOTH team loses a challenge. So this one got my pick.
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2021.10.26 09:31 DanStanley654 m

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2021.10.26 09:31 DivisionaryMusic [FREE] (GUITAR) Iann Dior Type Beat 2022 - ''WAITING'' | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2022

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2021.10.26 09:31 blueyfan45 Join the tomoka hangout, do it

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2021.10.26 09:31 LelouchsWifexo McGill chances?

Gonna be a long one because they use a holistic approach:
cGPA 3.9/4.0 LSAT: 159 ECs: students’ union president, varsity athletics captain, grassroots fundraising up to 10k for a local hospital Referee: 1/2 is recent McGill law alum (a former professor of mine) I am bilingual as well. Certified by DELF examination
I am also a McCall MacBain semi-finalist for this year. Won’t have an update on that situation until interviews are over next weekend.
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2021.10.26 09:31 DonRamirez65 We need more Komi San | Funny Pics | Funnyism Funny Pictures

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2021.10.26 09:31 pupsiEater Is rice good during gastritis?

Should i consumer rice?
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