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An overdetailed church i built a while ago

2021.09.21 11:27 Enzo_frsh An overdetailed church i built a while ago

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2021.09.21 11:27 BlessedTacoDevourer I am looking for inspiration to write BCS/BrBa fan fiction.

Give me characters and a plot and i will do my utmost to provide you a story. I will not accept criticism (i am Vincent Gilligan irl)
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2021.09.21 11:27 bernasIST Questão: Espaços co-working em Lisboa

Bom dia,
Conhecem algum espaço de co-working em Lisboa tipo wework onde pudesse fazer o meu teletrabalho? De preferência onde pudesse ligar o meu pc a um monitor. Eu vi que o evolution hotel tem um espaço mais ou menos desse gênero mas não tenho a certeza como funciona...
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2021.09.21 11:27 ITNETT Det kan bli covid-begrensninger: Men Spillexpo er tilbake!

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2021.09.21 11:27 TellerCreations Some neat Steelbook additions

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2021.09.21 11:27 EricSchC1fr Tampa Officials Shocked To Learn Evicting Black People For Basically No Reason Miiiiight Be Considered Racist

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2021.09.21 11:27 CeylonTeaDrinker How would a "Sri Lanka All Endings" meme play out?

Quite bored, but I've always wanted to know what a Sri Lankan all endings meme would look like since it became popular a few months ago. (Reference: USA All Endings, China All Endings, Canada). Here's my ideas on the various endings we could achieve based on the current state of the country. It's kind of interesting to imagine the scenarios. Don't hate me hahaha it was fun imagining this.
Good Ending - The Sri Lankan people dismantle the corrupt political system that has plagued the country since independence and establish a governance system inclusive of all communities and becomes a case study of success for South Asian nations still caught in the quagmire of corrupt politics. Sri Lanka miraculously becomes one of the most stable nations in Asia and is the envy of its onlookers.
Cyberpunk Ending - Falling into an unrecoverable state of debt, Sri Lanka is bought by major corporations in China and the USA hoping to evade the control and taxes of their own governments. American companies control the West and China controls the East with the line of divide in the centre of the country becoming a land for outlaws and cyber-criminals. Hambantota Port and the Colombo Port City become rival technological hubs with corporations constantly at war with one another.
Bad Ending - Unable to shake off oppressive yoke of corrupt politics, Sri Lanka falls into debt and is squandered by the politicians and political families who robbed from the country and flee abroad where their families and illegal empires can live forever comfortably. Citizens who can migrate flee the country while they can. Sri Lanka becomes a failed state and its people become a shadow of what they once were. What the country once was and what could have been is forgotten in a matter of decades.
Diplomacy Ending - Thanks to a new alignment in foreign policy, Sri Lanka doesn't succumb to the allure and temptation of Chinese or American money and pays off its debts while maintaining strict neutrality. Following the Great Nuclear War of 2032 triggered when American and Chinese ships clashed in the South China Sea all other countries are reduced to rubble, except Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. These countries become a refuge and the future of humanity's hopes.
Bloody Hell! A British Ending - With a disease destroying all tea and coffee plantations across the world, Sri Lanka as an isolated island is saved. Prices for Ceylon Tea surge, and the British invade and colonise the country once more to take control of the lucrative market. Nova-Ceylon becomes the prime jewel in the crown of the Second British Empire. Queen Elizabeth II has an evil chuckle as she drinks enough tea to achieve immortality and become the longest serving monarch without question. God save the queen!
Chinese Ending - In order to pay off its debts several Chinese firms acquire portions of the country, establishing Chinese power in the Indian Ocean in the final master stroke of the Chinese Belt and Road initiative. Sri Lanka develops due to its vital role in expanding China as the new global super power. While development occurs in full force under the directives and investment of the Chinese government, fundamental freedoms and culture are lost and the country becomes fully dependent on the Chinese economy and government. Several forest, jungles and wildlife parks including Yala are lost in the rush to develop and find enough land for development. Politicians profit immensely.
American Ending - Under the pretext of establishing renewed democracy in Sri Lanka after years of corruption, Sri Lanka is invaded by the full force of Uncle Sam. Eventually, pundits in Washington consider making Sri Lanka a new state of the USA. Sri Lankan ministers can carry guns legally now. Mega churches, illiteracy, not knowing geography and vaccine denial are at its height. Radio DJ's and their fake accents are no longer fake. 'Merica baby.
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2021.09.21 11:27 ITNETT Spillexpo gjør comeback i november

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2021.09.21 11:27 Otosopi What build are you gonna do for in Elden Ring?

Im probably gonna do a Faith/Dex build or a sorcery build. And if I do use a Dex build id probably try to find a Rapier or a Katana (if those exist in Elden Ring).
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2021.09.21 11:27 FrontpageWatch2020 [#866|+314|21] Disappointed [r/assholedesign]

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2021.09.21 11:27 Marshadellow Only a few will get it

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2021.09.21 11:27 shaunheath Compared to other gravel bikes in the same price/ spec range, what makes the Diverge Base E5 (2021) a good choice?

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2021.09.21 11:27 ITNETT Digitalbyrå henter fra Knowit: – Trives best når det koker litt

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2021.09.21 11:27 NewsElfForEnterprise Expedia Group to Participate in Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference

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2021.09.21 11:26 dcedrych Selecting the right clients is critical. Learn to identify different types of them.

Most of us heard about the classic sales flywheel. You render your service/build your product, you market it and attract new clients, close the deal with and so on.
But from my experience, it's not as simple, especially for service businesses.
There are different types of clients, and understanding this simple helped me a lot.
Those who are financially lucrative may not end up being great portfolio items and vice versa.
Of course, clients who ensure decent invoices and amazing marketing do exist. But they are usually rare and hard to land. Let's break it down why:

I like to think of it in terms of time. Present vs. Future rewards,
As mentioned above, the best clients provide both types of rewards but are hard to land.
My strategy is to balance efforts and not focus just on these clients but make a good mix of other types of clients in the first place.
Let me present it in the context of digital product design and dev agency.
Client A - a bootstrapped fintech startup
Present rewards are lower because founders have to allocate money carefully, and the company doesn't have.
But, future rewards are high. You can create a beautiful interface, market it in your portfolio, receive a shoutout from founders on Twitter, get attention from other larger companies. You can create your best body of work and market it best you can because your incentives and founders' incentives are aligned.
Client B - a small/mid size heavy industry company
Present rewards are high. They can afford to pay well but struggle to attract top talent. Their industry is less sexy and probably lag behind in hiring practices and general expertise. They will be happy to pay very well to solve their niche problem.
Future rewards might be low, though.
If you design interfaces, you have to design for the target persona. Chances are the end-product does not look good enough to market it and show your expertise because your job was to solve a problem, not create unusable bell and whistles.
Also, likely, they wouldn't want you to market what you've done for them to their competitors. So again, future rewards are low.
Now, the key is to design your client base, so you have a healthy mix of A type and B type.
Don't get me wrong, you should still look for those who have A and B features, but in my experience, it's easier to land one A and one B, than a client who has both benefits.
You have probably noticed one more insight that emerges from this reasoning. Some clients are neither financially attractive nor interesting marketing-wise.
Unless you're in a situation where you really need that client to pay bills, say no.
You'll be surprised how much good it does to your business. Focusing on the right clients will be your supercharger.
Final thought:
Present rewards are symmetric (except for equity). You do X, you get Y.
Future rewards have an upside nature. It's your leverage. Nobody will promise you the outcomes of portfolio display, marketing, and referrals.
Go full leverage mode, and you may find yourself in a situation when you can't pay the bills.
That's why I encourage you to build a healthy mix of client types.
I hope even though you might be in a different industry than me, you'll find some food for thought in this post.
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2021.09.21 11:26 Wide_Cust4rd AUKUS vs China: Inching Toward War

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2021.09.21 11:26 MongoosePirate The Kingmaker

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2021.09.21 11:26 Nazza_030 (verrà bannato a breve)

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2021.09.21 11:26 jevonsen Top 10 Most Beautiful Hotels in the World -Travel

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2021.09.21 11:26 Fluffybunnybadass Initialize with save-data in-tact

It says that it'll keep things on an sd card safe but it'll become unusable??? In what way can it not be used? Like, are we talking "just need to re-install games" unusable, or "you may as well fucking reformat the sd card too" unusable? Somewhere in-between?
I may have to do this at some point bc of error 2002-3580 and would like to understand more about what exactly entails that "unusability". I can't find anything about what it exactly means going forward, or even what-all exactly happens with an initialization with save data in tact. If anyone could please let me know or explain what it means, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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2021.09.21 11:26 ITNETT Konsulentselskap henter fra Kahoot: – Skal gi råd om datadrevet markedsføring

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2021.09.21 11:26 not_irresponsible I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot Novel - Chapter 1841 - Poor and Lazy, Really Hopeless

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2021.09.21 11:26 Scotlandthebrave01 Tuck pointing

Any tuck pointers on here
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2021.09.21 11:26 seaofokhotsk Replacement fisher space pen bullet spring UK

I somehow managed to lose the spring that came with my bullet space pen and I can't seem to find a replacement for it, does anyone know if these are sold anywhere? I'm based in the UK so US shops will probably be prohibitively expensive due to shipping costs.
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2021.09.21 11:26 not_irresponsible The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 1017 - Three Hundred Nations

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