Best tips for staying motivated with painting boring models?

2021.09.21 09:48 jackgodby22 Best tips for staying motivated with painting boring models?

I got the LOTR Pellenor fields pack a while ago and have been absolutely loving painting it all- until now!
I’m on the morannon orcs (and for anyone who doesn’t know the lot, there’s bloody loads of them).
I don’t really like these particular models and I’m finding it a bit of a grind in getting through them- any advice for how to make me interested in them would be welcome!
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2021.09.21 09:48 ZaineJJ Axie Infinity | How to Convert SLP to PHP/SGD/USD/FIAT, Step by Step Guide

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2021.09.21 09:48 Flowerbud-71117 Emily Kaldwin, a build guide to making the Empress from Dishonored 2 in DnD 5e ( Warlock, Fighter)

Character Information

Empress Emily Kaldwin. I'm a friend of your father's [Corvo] from the bad old days.
I never expected us to meet. I watched your mother die at the hands of schemers who wanted your little empire. Rescued by a man in a strange mask. I thought that was the end of the excitement. But someone yanked the rug from under your feet. You've lost your throne and your father. And I promise, Delilah won't just give them back. So what are you prepared to do about it, your imperial majesty? And are you clever enough to do it without spilling a river of blood? I asked Corvo those questions fifteen years ago. This is the moment that changed him. Now it's your turn
~ The Outsider
15 years ago Emily Kaldwin was an 11 year old girl whose life changed when the Assasin Daud killed her Mother in cold blood, in over 6 months she was used as a pawn and held in isolating rooms, the rat plague of the city continued to worsen and the corruption from the succesor of the Throne, the Lord Regent spread
However, during her stay in the Golden Cat, she was rescued by the Royal Protector Corvo Attano, who went on witht he help of the Loyalists to restore Emily to the Throne
After being saved her life got easier but it wasnt free of tribulations as she rose to the status of Empress and ruled for over 15 years, where she was taught by the greatest Natural Philosophers Anton Sokolov and Piero Jopin, her reign saw the repair of the Empire
Still, she felt couped up so to speak witht he politics of the Imperial Court, and frequently trained with her Father and eventually went to rooftops to practice free running and learn about her subjects and to explore the city more, while she thought she was alone, she was always watched by her Father who made sure no harm came to the Empress

However, things got worse when Whales were increasingly getting rarer and and whaling expeditions becoming too pricey causing whale oil to become costly, she passed a decreeon whale oil rationign which greatly increased its price, which was met with outspoken outcry from some of the Empire's elite. To further ruin her credibility, it was also around these times that the Crown Killer started targeting her detractors such as Ichabod Boyle, founder of the Anti-Rationing Club. By 1852, her reign was called into question, with rumors of her link to the Crown Killer murders.

On the 15th anniversary of the assassination of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, Empress Emily Kaldwin hosts the annual event commemorating her death. Tensions against herself and Corvo Attano are high due to the recent murders of the Crown Killer, which many believe she is responsible for because the killer is eliminating Emily's critics.
Mere moments into the event Delilah Copperspoon, now styled "Empress Delilah Kaldwin I", crashes the event with the Duke of Serkonos, Luca Abele, by her side. They depose Emily despite Corvo's attempt to kill Delilah and during the ensuing fight, either Emily or Corvo is trapped in stone. Canonically, Corvo is trapped in stone and Emily manages to escape the tower. Emily escapes with Meghan Foster, who had rushed to Dunwall to inform Corvo about the coup on her ship The Dreadful Wale.
(ty Dishonored wiki for this stuff xd)
Pros & Cons of the Build
Cons (I do need some help identifying cons)
Gameplay Mechanics to Replicate The phrases in the brackets are the Dishonored Powers
Spell User and other spell like abilities (Powers)
Near Mundane like Abilties (Enhancements)
Brutal Skill in Melee and to a lesser extent ranged (Blood Thirst)
Jumps and to a lesser extent Speed (Agility)

Lesser Consideration on:
High AC (Reflexes)
Above Average Health (Vitality)

NOTE: I'll go over some things u may want to change with this build after the build ill show below and on some things more detailed reasons on why i chose X for this build ____________________________________________________________________________
Race: Variant Human or Custom Lineage
Main reason is to pick up the Skill Expert feat from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, it allows us to both be good at the Stealth Skill by granting it Expertise without putting more points into dexterity and ending up suboptimal for not much gain
It grants +1 to any ability score we want and makes gives us an additional Skill Proficiency

Background: Noble As per Page 125 of the Player's Handbook on the Section Customizing a Background, you can change up some stuff but for this build I'll go
Tool Proficiencies

Ability Score Order & Point Buy Cha > Dex > Con > Int, Str, Wis
Str 10
Dex 14
Con 13 > 14 (from Variant Human)
Int 12
Wis 8
Cha 15 > 17 (From Variant human and Skill Expert)

\Note that a good Con or Wisdom is* mechanically useful as these 2 ability scores make up the majority of D&D 5e saving throws, but flavor wise I think Emily is more Book Smart than street smart, especially in regard to how oblivious she was to the ongoings of her Empire

Build Proper
Note that the number next to a class listed below is the level of that class currently in the build, adding up the other class that's also mentioned gives you the overall character level
I'll sometimes instead say the range of the build (like say going from X class 3 to 4-7) when i think a major addition to the build are gained throughout that range and not in one level
Preface I This build focuses on if you want to slash shit with your sword first, which is Fighter, then Hexblade, the fighter to level 3 for Echo Knight and then level Warlock all the way to level then
If you want to cast more spells and utilities earlier, go Heavy warlock til level 7 then go Echo Knight Fighter 3
Bottom line is the build becomes identical around level 10 character level overall

Preface II: Gadgets The Gadgets that Emily had, some of them only really work for a Dieselpunk/Steampunk/Magitech Setting closer to Eberron or Blades in the Dark, so I won't go over this since it's dependent on the settign your in and or your DM, you can use Low Tech versions of them like Caltrops for Springrazors
Fighter 1 //////////////////
Our attack rolls wont be the best here but we're prolly be able to coast along, it's only for one level and enemies at these levels are pretty easy to hit with Armor Classes around 13 or lower
Proficiency in Con and Str saves (rather than the Warlock's WIS and CHA saves) as well as all weapon and armor proficiencies, you are after all an Empress with an interest in combat and have trained with the Royal Protector Corvo Attano, it wouldnt be far fetched if you also took some more exotic weapons and armor training
Get Fighting Style: Defense here for a total of 19 AC, (Great Weapon Fighting when you punch up the match doesnt stack up (RPGBot has a good article here), and most of the other fighting styles arent thematic or good for this build
Second Wind, good heal option when need be
For Skills
Emily doesn't use a shield but I think AC is more importantly than Flavor at this level currently since everyone is squishy in these levels, plus we wont exactly be benefiting much from going sword and nothing right now since we arent spell casting or Blood Thirsting yet
I recommend Scale Mail over Chain Shirt since, imo getting that AC boost is way better than Straight Rolls on stealth
Hexblade Warlock 1, Fighter 1 //////////////////
Hexblade's Curse is a good damage option, but Hex Warrior really lets us be MAD for this build
For Cantrips and Spells
Most likely won't get Extra Attack for a bit and this build will take a bit of levels in Warlock so once you do get Extra Attack from some source u can replace it soon, but the main thing is we want that bit of an extra damage boost at 5th level character overall since we'll get it a bit late, also stands in as Blood Thirst sorta but not really
Eldritch Blast because the prospect of getting a very good Ranged option as a fallback is just too good to pass up
Hex is also just a good boost to damage
Armor of Agathys works as a stand in for Reflexes and is a very good boost at these levels

Hexblade Warlock 1, Echo Knight Fighter 3 //////////////////
The Build sort of comes online here
We got the powerful ability Action Surge at Fighter 2 which is subliminal on any character
And on Fighter 3, we got out Subclass, the Echo Knight
Doppelganger activates in full here (except for getting a 2nd Doppelgänger but that's an 18th level ability so not even viable in this build)
Blood Thirst is filled slightly with being able to Attack from the Echo's Position with a limit akin to Adrenaline (though you can get more from it if you decide to get Great Weapon Master)

Warlock 2-3, Fighter 3 We'll go back to figher sure getting that ABSI is only one level away but if we want invocations and some spells to get, we gotta go Warlock to not be too behind the curve, but it's fine since we're mostly a Martial int his build
We gain Pact Boon, am additional spell slot and a spell known and invocations
For Spells at 2nd level,
Get Invisbility (Shadow Walk) and or Misty Step (Far Reach)

Pact Boon: Pact of the Blade
But consider

Warlock 4-6/ Fighter 3 For your ability Score Improvement, consider taking either Telepathic or Great Weapon Master
Telepathic being analogous to the Heart in Dishonored and being a decent way to up our charisma to 18,
Great Weapon master being pretty much Blood Thirst for verbatim

Subclass Feature
For youe new Hexblade Feature, Accursed Spectre is analogous to Bloodfly Swarm sub upgrade of Shadow Kill
Mage Hand (Far Reach)
Lightning Lure (Far Reach, though if your DM may let you use this on objects making Mage Hunt sort of Redundant)
Everything else is up to, check online sources like RPGBot and Treantmonk, but a good use of concentration in my eyes are Summon Spells, having another ally on the field is amazing for your Party's action economy


For Thirsting Blade, at this level Booming Blade and Green Flame blade have served you well but won't be as much damage as an Extra Attack, you cant cast Booming/Green-Flame Blade while Extra Attacking as casting counts as the Cast a Spell action, basically you either Extra attack or you hit for one attack and then Booming Blade

With Mesmerize/Hypnotic Pattern, the build is 90% done, again Domino is impossible to get (check the Gameplay mechanics to replicate section on why)
Warlock 6/Fighter 4 We should pick up an ability score improvement right about now, I reccomend getting Great Weapon Master since we're approaching Tier 3 (levels 11-16) and the monsters are getting beefiers

Warlock 7/Fighter 4 Spells
Ok, this is prolly the most dissapointing level for Warlocks in terms of spell so bare with me here

With Ghostly Gaze, pretty much the entire build is done
Kind of thematic as Emily's quest is to take back her Empire, basically the size of a continent, so I would say around this level would be mid to late game Emily Kaldwin
The rest of these levels are what you personally want to focus on now since the build is pretty much complete, but consider going 12 in Warlock for the invocation Lifedrinker
______________________________________ Why not Great Old One? Thematic but I'd give it a go only if you Rolled high stats since it's very MAD, it just doesn't really give much in the way of best representing Emily's Combat Prowess with a Sword being trained by the Royal Protector o and the Charisma and slight intelligence it requires to be an Empress
Even then spells like Mirror image and the Invocation Misty Step are not too representative of what a Doppelgänger can fully (because Mirror Image is kinda like defense more than trickery and Misty Visions doesnt give you that sorta defense) and it's sorta not worth it what with a Warlocks limited spell slots
And later on the build we pick up Detect Thoughts anyways
Hell, the developers even said in the Emily Kaldwin Spotlight promotional material for Dishonored 2 that her powers are on the theme of being an Empresso

Feats to Consider Great Weapon Master, note that you can use this feature with Booming Blade/Green-Flame Blade
The entire feat is basically analgoous to Blood Thirst, the ability to just insta down or bruise the hell out of someone and being able to get another attack with your bonus action if you land a Critical (synergetic with Hexblade's Curse!) or reduce a creature to 0 hitpoints is basically the upgraded Blood Thirst
Crossbow Expert, if you want to attack with both a Hand Crossbow and a Melee weapon or use a Bonus Action attack with a hand crossbowt, this might be worth, though if you just want a ranged option, I think just using Eldricth Blast and reflavouring it as a Wristbow/Voltaic Gun/Hand Crossbow is easier
Alert, Emily has a perk that slows time for everyone including her to react on when people spot her, though may be hard to fit in the build
Tough (Vitality) always good on any character
This part is not taking consideration much into factors other than the class, I'll go over those in the next section
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2021.09.21 09:48 Imaginary_Passion_65 🌕BabyKrypto 🚀$BKrypto | Less than 24 hrs old 🚀 | CMC and CG fast track | Liquidity Locked for a year | Easy 100x 🌕

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2021.09.21 09:48 asdf14628 Hmm I guess not...

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2021.09.21 09:48 jaebaechu [FANMADE] Red Velvet - Happy Chuseok ✨🍊🥮

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2021.09.21 09:48 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 09:48 Babbelingfish Been debating this a long time. I came here quite often to see others before and afters so I figured I would give back to the community.

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2021.09.21 09:48 tmagyck We Require The Heavy Flamer Brothers: Assistance Call vs SoB

So I have one week to prepare for a 2000 pt GT style matched play game against a player in my Gaming Club at school who plays Sisters of Battle, Our Martyred Lady. This kid is a rule-gremlin and is “that guy” to a T. I am currently running double Aggressors and Eradicators, outriders, blade guard/apothecary castle, ironclad and regular multi melta box-naught, incursors, multi melta attack bike, smash captain on bike, and three tactical squads, and a Phobos librarian. Any particularly nasty stratagem plays anyone knows about or good secondaries for this matchup would be lovely to hear about.
Any feedback is helpful! Thanks!
May your furnace burn hot and your promethium hotter.🔥🔥🔥
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2021.09.21 09:48 Outrageous-Bank-9225 Dragonfire Token Just launched! 10% bnb reflections and lots of dashboards coming up!

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2021.09.21 09:48 ContemplaDoru Best tool for 2D children activity text-book games

Ok, so, there's an educational textbook for children. It has activities like choosing the correct shape, coloring figures/portions of drawings with certain colors, drawing a line through a maze, stuff like that. The authors would like the games to be made available and playable online and on mobile devices (especially tablets, on which kids spend a lot of time).
Some research revealed which looks nice but i've never used. Anywone knows something more about it, having using it?
Unity seems like overkill but is it though? I'm a web developer and i could do them in Javascript (canvas), but i'm wondering if there aren't some ready-made templates or more specialized tools for this sort of games which are quite common in books.
Any other options?
Thank you so much for your time!
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2021.09.21 09:48 Turbulent-Diver2306 Launch an NFT Marketplace for Sports.

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2021.09.21 09:48 caseyrobinson2 Are sale prices of products done by merchants

Are sale prices of products done by merchants? Usually when I go shopping on weekly ad I always see similar brands of products go on sales by different markets
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2021.09.21 09:48 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 09:48 Reviliox Does anyone know what's up with my ficus scandens? I am misting it daily and it just seems to end up dying... I have no idea what I am doing wrong :(

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2021.09.21 09:48 Appropriate_Salad_44 One thing i want to change about Valorant.

One thing i want to change about Valorant. The only thing i want is to give the character's their cinematic looks, does anyone want that either or just me..?
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2021.09.21 09:48 ZaineJJ Axie Infinity | How to Convert SLP to PHP/SGD/USD/FIAT, Step by Step Guide

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2021.09.21 09:48 x_BANNED_x Anyone know the better build for my ganyu among these three?

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2021.09.21 09:48 DiscGolfFanatic 😳

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2021.09.21 09:48 MyNameIsSteveNow A genie zaps you into a world and town of your favourite movie. Where did you end up and what happens next?

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2021.09.21 09:48 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 09:48 romain34230 Netflix : Stephen King nous conseille de regarder cette nouvelle série horrifique

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